Applied psychology has become influential in almost all aspects of society including work, education, healthcare and health promotion, government, crime prevention, commerce, and even sports. In all of these areas, applied psychologists work to improve people’s lives and help clients achieve their goals and objectives.

It provides excellent training for a future career in psychology and/or business and will teach you to apply psychologicaltheories and principles to real-world settings. By combining applied psychology with core areas of management, you will learn to interpret human behaviour, analyse social interactions and develop an evidence-based approach to problem solving. You will develop an inquisitive mind,superior social skills and a practical business orientation which will prepare you for a successful career in industry and beyond.

Approaches to Mental Health Psychology is designed to equip you with an in-depth knowledge of psychological theory relevant to the improvement and maintenance of psychological well-being and sound mental health in adults. It's ideal if you are intending to work – or are already employed – in health care, counselling, social care and related areas.